Our Shrink wrap guns have been designed and manufactured in the UK since 1981 by a family-run business.


In 2013 we decided to go global and expand our export market and formed Ishrink Global and aim to be the leading provider of shrink wrap heat guns.


Shrink wrapping uses.....

Improved System

Our improved systems are stronger, more powerful, easier to operate and comfortable to handle, economical, reliable and safe. The nozzle is protected by an integral heat shield and the propane gas flow helps to keep the burner cool.

Improved Load Stability

Weather Protection

Identifiable Contents

Pilferage Deterrent

Outside Storage

Dust Protection



... all these and more!

Ishrink Global Shrink Wrap Gun


Using our guns to wrap a standard size pallet takes from 3-5 minutes for most users


Our shrink wrap guns work on both propane and butane. It is up to you which you prefer but included is the kit you need to get going.


Many of our customers use our product to winterise their boats and yachts. Now with the new extension this will be even easier than ever before! 


Changing building sites for the better